Tasly Cenforte Tablet

Tasly Cenforte Tablet

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Location : 35 Liasu Road, Egbe-Idimu, Lagos
What is Tasly Cen Forte?
Cen Forte is made up of all the elements of minerals and vitamins required for human body.

What is Tasly Cen Forte effective for?
It can meet the need of human body of daily requirement of minerals and vitamins. As we know, although the amount of minerals and vitamins in human body are very little, they play very important role in many aspects from body building, regulating metabolism, regulating internal incretion, balancing of water and minerals to direct illness caused by deficiency of minerals and vitamins.

Who can benefit from Tasly Cen Forte?
People of all ages can benefit from it.

What is special about Tasly Cen Forte?
Because of scientific formulation. It can ke

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